Group Session Launch Offer – Wednesday 14th March 2018

Hi Guys,

This launch group offer for coaching is for a limited time only!! There are limited spaces available (10 in total) The session will be Wednesday 14th March at 19:00pm for 2 hours!

The session will entail looking at some basic fundamentals of Early game / Mid game / Late game process of some Sit N goes. How to read different Stereotypes, how to utilise information given to you via multiple sources, Question and answer period also with all the people in the group + More!!!

The price for this launch session will be $25 or free for Testimonial Writers for

Two lucky paying customers will end up getting the session for free!

To be eligible for this Launch offer you must do the following:
πŸ‘Like our page Jaylee Poker
😍Share this post on the Facebook a Page
🌍Email with your name and status (paying customer or testimonial writer)
πŸ–‹Tag 2 friends you think would love this session!

This is on a first come first serve basis so be quick!! The two lucky people receiving this session for free and those who managed to get in first will be announced Sunday 11th March 14:00pm!

Good Luck!!

**If you are involved in any staking deal please make sure you have permission from your backer before joining

Jay Lee