Road To The Millions – Part 2

Road To The Millions – Part 2

Hello again guys! Welcome to the next instalment on my Road to millions!

As some of you are aware I am trying to qualify for the massive $20million GTD Tournament that runs over on Party Poker! Earlier on at the end of last month I managed to manoeuvre my way to obtaining a $55 and a $109 sat ticket to start things off in my progression to obtaining myself a seat worth $5300 into the championship event!

To start things off I sat down in the $109 phase satellite;


and alongside that I sat myself down in the $55 Sat with 10x$530 seats added!


Here’s how my tables looked like upon starting;


To start things off and get the negatives out the way, the $109 sat did not go off to plan, to cut along story short I ended up losing half my stack and then got my aces cracked to get back to even within the first hour I think and overall I think I took the total wrong approach to the structure and the level of playing field I was up against. I ended up playing rather fast and aggressive and the structure didn’t allow for that and the approach I should have taken was to sit back and pick off my opponents when I had the goods rather than trying to force the issue due to the blind levels vs the structure being rather fast. Will try again via this method soon and let you guys know how it goes!

Ok secondly, lets get into the next sat the $55 10x$530 I approached this with a similar style but I did air on the side of caution due to the last one going horrifically
wrong but after a while I noticed the structure for this game was the best I have ever seen for a sat in my life! Why is that you may ask? Basically the structure was super slow
and the blind limits allowed for so much room to play that if you made mistakes it did not cost you, so it allowed for multiple mistakes and you could recover from this with smart play.

low and behold the first hour of this sat went swimmingly well;


Now I have a lot of chips my plan of action was to maintain my stack / strengthen my position without playing too many big pots unless I had the goods, the structure allowed for that sit back approach and the player pool I was against a lot of people were making mistakes so I was just sitting there waiting to capitalize on such errors whilst maintaining my own stack and leverage in the position I was in.


Everything was going rather smooth, I was chipping up comfortably but I was also losing pots, I had a wreckless player to my left that was smashing the deck vs me and giving me needles in the chat, now was a test of cool for me but given my experience in poker I just laughed it off whilst gritting my teeth and thought to myself “matter of time for you chump” I could of had a lot more chips than I do currently but on the other hand I had to focus on the positives of the situation which were; id strengthened my position slightly and put myself in a comfortable spot to continue applying my game plan.


Voila! our patience has been rewarded, we have chipped up incredibly by picking spots obtaining lots of small pots and I also won a large pot off our friend Mr chump, now all I have to do is maintain this stack at a minimum and pressure the medium stacks at the table with very light aggression without tripping myself up. as you can see there are 31 prizes guaranteed so just under one third of the remaining prize pool was going to win a $530 ticket so to jeopardize that with egotistical aggression would be a huge mistake.


Alright guys look what we have here then, we are 2nd in chips by a decent margin and 47 players remain. pretty much lock it up. how did we get into this position you may ask? well pretty much just opening so many unopened pots into the medium stacks that it had gotten to the stage of the tournament were a mistake from them for a handful of big blinds could be vital towards their chances of obtaining a ticket. So yeah pretty much just leant on the stacks that the pressure could be applied to and stayed out of the way of the big stacks that would not feel the pressure, repeated this over and over and over until my stack snowballed whilst only risking a few big blinds per hand i played at maximum so I never put my chance of winning a seat in jeopardy.


Here we go! $530 ticket obtained, half way there guys towards the elusive end goal of the $5300 ticket, and I think my approach with this will be to wait till November time when the guaranteed prize pools become monstrous in the lobby I have seen 50x$5300 ticket prize pools so for now I will be trying multiple ways to obtain as many $530 tickets as I can to give myself multiple chances to get myself in amongst the action!

Thanks for everyone who took the time to read this and I hope you enjoyed it! I will be posting more blogs with different routes to obtain your way into the biggest tournament online poker has ran in the up and coming weeks! Stay tuned and don’t forget to check out to come play with me and
try and join the adventure I am on to get a slice of that fantastic value Party Poker have to offer!




Jay Lee