The Road To Millions!

The Road To Millions!

Hey guys, I cannot stream this week unfortunately, but to make up for it I have decided to a blog post entailing my run
to qualifying for the HUGE Millions Online FOUR MILLION DOLLARS GUARANTEED !!

To start things off I had a scroll across the great new software Partypoker have recently updated and checked out the satties tab with a whole array of buy ins and bought into the $2.20 rebuy 5x $55 Seats Guaranteed,
along side that I registered the $22 10x$109 seats guaranteed!

The plan behind this was in the running up to Millions Online there are so many ways to qualify and I liked the look of the $55 Entry with TEN! $530 ADDED seats which then enables me to go via the $530 straight to the $5300 seat!
also on the other side as I like to keep my options open there is a $109 PHASE Tournament with TEN! ADDED $5300 seats in the prize pool also, VALUE HUNTING at its finest!

To begin with in the $2.20 Sat everything was running somewhat smooth, the structure was a little fast in my opinion BUT on the other hand I think where the speeds of the structures can be fast the value of the guarantees and the overlays that currently
are happening you cant really complain at all and can easily adjust to the structures no problem, just takes a little bit of work but nothing in life is easy right? I ended up having to rebuy a couple of times but that did not deter a man on a mission!

After just shy of an hours play I found myself in the chip lead with 8 players left and 5 seats distributed between the remaining 5 players and I had a really nice lead going into that position, feels good man! My plan was to keep it snug and simple and let
the other guys do the work!

Shortly after coming back from the break I stuck to my plan, played a few hands and not long after resulted in a victory! Happy days I thought to myself, that was not so hard and now I am thinking to myself I am going to be able to get into this $5300 prestigious tournament for a very small price!


Now onto the backup plan, always good to have one right? well I then checked the fantastic Partypoker lobbies for more variety and options and boy there was a lot to choose from and I liked the look of the 10x$109 Satties for a 22$ buy in so I decided ill try my luck in this format and what I found in
these were they played a lot deeper than the 2.20 buy in, still somewhat fast but big value for your money! In the end I ended up playing two of these and they ended up overlaying by around 50% so the value is definitely there effectively I paid 22$ for 44$ worth of equity just by pressing register, cannot go wrong with that!

these generally run for about an hour and a half to 2 hours also so not much time needs to be invested for a potential shot at a life changing sum of money!

without sounding too cocky I didn’t really have to work up a sweat in this one it was all rather plain sailing throughout the sat and ended up comfortably obtaining my $109 ticket for my first attempt at a phase tournament to qualify!

Thanks for reading guys and wish me luck on my quest to becoming Millions Online champion 2018 which I fell just short last year busting in 9th place for just shy of $60,000 with a cool one million dollars for the winner (Bitter sweet I know!) but this time round the guarantee is much bigger and four times worth winning 😉

If you would like to join me on this journey and try qualify yourself for very little head over to hit the download button if you don’t have it already register make an account and get playing, it really is that easy!
looking forward to seeing you guys at the tables and my stream will be up and running again very soon, but in the mean time I will at least blog once a week maybe more whilst its down to keep you guys in the loop with what’s going on!

Much love;


Jay Lee