What I Have To Offer

What I Have To Offer

Hey guys so many of you will be thinking what do I actually have to offer during my coaching sessions?! Well here is a list of things I can look into with you during your time ivested with me.

First of all I approach the session by figuring out what sort of player you are and what knowledge you have, just be yourself and no need to be nervous this is not a test or an examination of how good you are at the game, I dont really care how good you are at the game at all what I care about is getting you to the level you aspire to be!

Next I have a variety of approaches. Generally I will want to see how you play in real time, see what you are doing wrong and make notes and leak find and then usually fix up any software leaks you may have and fundemental leaks you have with discussion during the session after you have finished playing.

I also offer a hand history reviewal service where we look over some raw hand histories in a replayer where I will ask you questions on why you made a certain play and figure out how to strengthen the way you think about situations. Also you can ask me questions about certain hands etc, this is a good way to strengthen your thought process to a point where you can start to figure out theories yourself.

Have a friend or even a group of friends of similar ability to you and want to learn with them along the way? I can cater to this also with group sessions with the different variants I have on offer!

Want to watch me in action and explaining what I am doing and why? I also have this service available to you guys!

On a downswing and lacking motivation to play or learn? I can change that with some mindset techniques I have used over the years to overcome Tilt and frustration!

I also cater to Beginners , Intermediates and advanced level poker players all with differently priced tiers that I deem appropriate to what I will be teaching you at each tier.

Anything you think I could offer but dont currently have it listed, feel free to message me all suggestions are greatly welcome and appreciated!

Jay Lee