It can be extremely difficult to find help for any kind of addiction, especially one that involves gambling as there are way more places

to gamble both on your doorstep and online that there are to find help. This page will give you vital information that will help you if

you do find yourself with a gambling addiction.


The obvious place to go would be Gamblers Anonymous. Their website is you will find all kinds of help here!

TEL: 0207 384 3040


There is also This site will show your signs to look out for, symptoms of gambling addiction and explain the effects of it not just on yourself but those around you also.

TEL: (888) 709 1076


We have There is an online help centre here and also a forum to share experiences, worries or even just to talk to people in similar positions as yourself.

TEL: 0808 8020 133


Finally we have Again this site offers an online chat help centre, and forum.

TEL: 01384 241 292


Remember guys please gamble responsibly! As the saying goes “If the fun stops, stop!”