Going Up!

How do I know when I should move up the stakes?


Okay guys so this is a question that in poker generally is extremely undervalued and people move up far too quick and for the most part end up going broke. So I feel this is a subject we should delve into and get you guys up to scratch in what I think are the appropriate signs to look for when its time to move up in stakes!


The first and most important question you should ask yourself is, is my bankroll big enough to sustain variance at the next buy-in level?


You should always make sure you have enough buy-ins for a certain level for example;

In multi table tournaments you are doing well in 2$ and 3$ Buy-ins you have built a bankroll steadily from $300 to $600. Am I ready to play some $11 Games?

The answer is no, you want at least over 100 buy-ins and probably more if the tournaments you are buying into have large player fields but you might be ready for some $5 games for sure.


Secondly you should ask yourself am I really beating the current level I am playing or did I just get lucky?


You should probably check out the amount of games you have played at a certain level and how much you have won from each specific game type. I can recommend the site www.sharkscope.com to keep a track of all your results and how much you have won in specific game types or you can use your “HUD” Which is a device that tracks all the hands you have played, all the hands you have played vs specific opponents and all the games you have played! The HUD I use is Holdem Manager 2 but there are other products out there which I may delve into in another blog post at a future date!


Also another tip you could do is ask your peers their thoughts and opinion on you moving up in the stakes but this is a tricky one and I strongly suggest you make sure you are careful in this area and make sure you are getting the right opinion.
Tips to look out for that you are getting the right opinion are; make sure your peer, if giving you positive feedback on why you should move up that they are doing so with reasons why and not doing it just to please your feelings. Also on the flipside if they are giving you negative feedback on why you should not move up that they are giving you good reasons and constructive critisism on why you should continue playing the stakes you are currently playing.


Last but not least having a poker coach doing reviews with you watching him or yourself play and assessing your game is a huge bonus as they should be making sure that you are fundementally strong enough to beat the games that you are currently playing and also help you with the small adjustments you need to make facing the slightly tougher opponents that await you in the next stake of games.