Is there such a thing as a daft punt?

Is a one off tournament punt ever a good thing to do?


Hey guys so this is a question that also I feel is generally overlooked when playing poker, and in all honesty there are many ways
to look at this. I will try my best to address all points on why it can be good and why it can be bad to do this below.


First of all you have to think to yourself are you playing poker professionally or are you playing for fun recreationally?


Playing as a professional you should always consider strict bankroll management to make sure you are not going to go bust. If you still feel the urge
to play a tournament that is outside your buyin range for various reasons you should probably either seek a stake for it and offer up a percentage of the winnings to your backer, or you could look to sell a percentage of the tournament to your friends or peers and give them a sweat of your action!


Playing as a recreational, this really depends on a few private factors. Will this effect your day to day life in terms of expenses? Will this punt turn
your wife/husband or partner into a raging lion? What I will say is even though poker effectively isn’t gambling from my point of view, when you are taking a one off punt in a tournament of a larger buyin that you dont normally do, that is effectively gambling so please do gamble responsibly within your means, when it stops being fun you should quit!


If you have a full time backer and still want to play a higher stake game this is where alot of the time the backer or the backee will often make mistakes. You should always treat the bankroll you are using when backed as your own bankroll, because you dont get paid if you do not win. Also as a backer it is your duty to make sure the backee does not get deep into makeup because this will prolong the time it takes for the backee to get paid and will affect them mentally and have a diverse effect on their game.


Last but not least regardless of your stance on poker if you are playing for fun or professionally you should always feel comfortable playing a game of poker and it should always be an enjoyable experience so if you feel like this is not the case because you are playing for too much money, then you are probably playing way too high for a one off tournament punt and should maybe break the initial investment down a bit to accomodate your comfort zone.