Poker Coaching

In the current climate of poker coaching there is lots of sources out there and availability to choose from but figuring out whats the best value for you and making sure you are not overpaying for a service in a certain area is very difficult to decipher when buying a service you are not 100% clued up about. This is where I might be able to help with what I hope is an unbiased opinion!


First of all you need to put all ego aside and know your actual playing ability and be honest with yourself because there is no point paying for higher tier coaching when you are playing a lot lower stake buy-in than the fundamentals you are being taught, because they can become obsolete. what I mean by this is for example if you end up paying $100 Per hour From a high tier coach and he is teaching you things that are applicable to mid stakes games onwards and then you are trying to apply those concepts into an $11 game on a soft network where playing a much simpler style and waiting for others to make mistakes is going to be much more profitable long-term, then in the long run you will be costing yourself money.


The result of this is what I call a double edged sword, you end up paying a much higher hourly rate than you need to for a service that is going to very likely end up costing you money in the field you are playing rather than earning you money!


Secondly, you should also find a coach you think you will gel with personality wise! I think this is a very underlooked area, and with all my coaching experience over the years I can tell by someones personality if I can help them or not improve and it should be vise versa as a student also, if someone rubs you up the wrong way or you simply dont respect their opinion then you should almost certainly not invest money into them for their time as it probably is doomed to fail from the start.


Lastly for this subject I also think alot of people dont take into consideration how much they actually want to play poker and how much they want to learn. After a session you should have the sudden undying urge to play, a really big motivation to take to the tables and put all that new found knowledge into practice and see what works for you and what doesn’t!


Also a poker coach should be able to mould your thought process in such a way that you start thinking for yourself in other “dark areas” Where you would not know the answer to the problem infront of you previously but now you can think of a solution for yourself, that is one of many beautys of having a professional coach!


Now from a somewhat biased opinion I think what I have to offer in terms of the range of tier coaching I have available with a range of prices to suit all needs is a unique approach to my knowledge and I can tailor something to suit your needs, if you are unsure of what will suit you and why I am available to message and will respond as quick as possible to fix something up to fit you for the best value you can get!


Good luck at the tables 🙂