Have I Got A Game ?

How do I know what game suits my style I hear you ask?

Well to begin with you need to figure out how much time you can invest into a game of poker when you decide to sit down
and play!

Sit And Goes

There are many different Varients of Sit And Goes that you can choose, ranging from heads up play, to six handed and nine handed and even some ten handed play and then all the way up to multi table Sit And Goes which vary from eighteen player fields all the way up to one hundred and eighty player fields! These formats generally can last anywhere between thirty minutes upwards to a couple of hours so if you dont have alot of time to invest I suggest these formats are probably are the right area for you to dabble in!


Do you feel like you are struggling with post flop play? These formats often provide shorter average stack game play late game
to reduce the amount of post flop play and increase the amount of preflop play.

Have to have an early night or like to take breaks in between playing poker to reset the mindset after a good or bad session?
These formats often finish within a time frame you can accurately pinpoint after very few games played.

Feel like you struggle in a multi table tournament late game where the average stack is shorter and sometimes the amount of players at the table becomes short handed?
Why not gain some experience playing shorter average stack sizes over and over to strengthen that area of your game so you have more effective experience “Late game” in a Multi Table Tournament.

Need to build a bankroll in the least swingy fashion possible?
These games require a less amount of buy-ins in your bankroll to play without worrying about going bust due to the volatility in this game format.


The amount of buy-ins you can win in these formats are considerably smaller than the amount you can win in multi table tournaments.

There is a little bit more of a luck factor in this variant sometimes and this is somewhat amplified due to the amount of games you can play in any time frame in comparison to tournaments.

Return of investment percentages are going to be somewhat lower than Multi table tournaments due to how many buyins you can win from any one sitting.

Multi Table Tournaments

Now multi table tournaments are a very fun format with lots of different varients you can enter, from PKO Bounty tournaments with a percentage of the buyin going on the players head,  where if you knock out a player half of their bounty goes onto your head and half into your bankroll, to “Vanilla” Freezeouts with your standard game of poker. These formats generally play much deeper stacked so having a solid understanding of preflop and post flop play would be highly recommended before entering these. Also you will want a decent amount of time available to you before sitting down to enter one or many of these games due to the average run time being alot greater than a Sit And go. Sometimes these things can last onwards of twelve hours so once you are comitted you potentially could be sitting there for a very long time battling it out for that top prize and the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!


Do you feel like you are ready to battle it out for hours and hours and have a lot of spare time?
This format is very likely for you! The average stack size in a tournament is a lot larger than your average Sit and go due to
the amount of chips in play being greater with the format allowing any amount of players to register during a specific time frame therefore you will get to see more post flop situations and hone all that knowledge you may have to bring you to the end goal of first place prize money!

Have the urge to play the lottery and have a spare £2 to punt off and pray?
Why not enter a multi table tournament with it instead and have some control over your own destiny?


Run times can be a hindrance in this variant, so I would not recommend putting in a late session of tournaments if you have plans the next day early!

Due to the amount of runners in these fields cashing in them can be alot harder vs the other variants available so can be a mental strain throughout long periods if variance does not shine on you!

This game format requires a larger bankroll to manage the amount of Buy-ins you have for this game type to make sure you do not go bust on the persuit of success.


Fancy a shot at a higher buyin tournament online or live?
This format is perfect for you! This is generally a faster paced action packed game with a chance at winning entry into a higher buyin game at a fraction of the price!


Games are generally filled with weaker players due to the target tournament being tougher and regulars normally having a big enough bankroll just to direct buy in.

This format generally is a faster one so the time invested into these is of a low amount but just make sure if you are playing any form of “Super satellite” you read the terms and conditions because they often are feeders into the next section of the satellite so you could be fed into the next game without any notice and end up playing longer than you want to.

Generally speaking most satellites offer tickets that have an expiration date that allows you to play the target tournament on a different date therefore giving you time to prepare for said tournament with a good nights sleep!


At the lower end of the satellite tree they generally are a lot faster and more gamble oriented.

I feel its harder to write anymore cons on this format to be honest, there are many pros but very little cons and I highly recommend this format if you are planning on playing multi table tournaments!

Jay Lee