Is multitasking (movies music tv etc) whilst playing a good or bad thing?

Okay guys this is an area that can really have a huge impact on your game positively or negatively depending on how you execute them in different scenarios
and i will try to explain to my best ability the positives and negatives to multi tasking whilst playing poker!

First of all is watching a movie whilst playing poker a good idea? Well overall for the most part this is a really bad idea if you are playing multiple tables because
it will take away alot of your focus espsecially when in a late game scenario so this is a big no no in my opinion, but for example you are 1 tabling a tournament in a very
early stage of the tournament it would not be a bad idea because it could potentially distract you from playing too many hands and getting involved in situations you should not be in.

Listening to music whilst playing poker really is dependant on many factors, What stage of the session you are in, what mood you are in and what you are trying to achieve by listening to a specific
type of genre of music see examples below;

Entering a grind session with multiple starting deep stacks everywhere – I tend to try listen to some ultimate relaxation playlists to make sure i am focused and relaxed and not too anxious to get involved in situations
that are not neccesary. On the flipside it is probably not a good idea to listen to some aggressive Rock or Hardstyle sort of music when in this phase because it could result in you wanting to get in amongst the action far more
than you should during this specific stage of your grind.

Mid stages of the grind – You are approaching in the mney scenarios and you are in a situation where you could make a bull run at some big big money you probably want to find a genre that hits the “Middle ground” so to speak
and what i mean by this is something that does not relax you too hard but something that doesnt send you off into orbit and turn you into an aggro crazed lunatic! my suggestion would be maybe some sort of music that you grew up to
listening something nostalgic!

Late stages of the grind – This is where it counts, you have made it to the stage where boys become men, girls become women etc etc but you are somewhat tired its been a hard slog to get where you are right now, you need that last push
of energy and this is where the faster music types and the motivational music can really come into play! Your eye of the tigers, get rich or die tryin’ types for example!

What about watching TV in the background whilst playing? I would put this in a similar bracket as watching movies whilst playing would not be the worst idea if one tabling in the early stages of the tournament but also what i would
hugely recommend whilst grinding and i have done for a very large portion of my career is not grind in a room that has a TV in there. I would say a TV is the most distracting things you can engage in whilst playing
poker so this is huge to try and avoid falling into the trap of distraction whilst playing.

Last but not least the most dangerous of distractionsn of them all, you guessed it! SOCIAL MEDIA!

This is a big big no no when you are putting in a session online for example how constructive is it when you are ranging people and being aware of stack sizes etc and in the next moment
a dancing parrot is on your screen singing for peanuts? i can certainly say that it would not be productive for focus when that occurs. also getting messages from many people whilst in a session that is not directly correlated to
your session at hand and having to reply to them is not the greatest at all but saying that people can manage that when table count is low at the start or at the end of a session but i certainly wouldnt recommend it during
the thick of your session!

Jay Lee