Stack Management Basics

Stack Management Basics

Hey guys welcome to a new strategy article by yours truly Jaylee!

First of all the first thing I address when entering a poker game is the structure of the blind levels, the pay-out structure and the amount of
big blinds we start with so lets run through the breakdown of each and individual subject!

Blind levels

First of all you need to address how quick the game is going to proceed and how much time you have to accumulate chips to stay within a fighting chance
of cashing the poker game you have entered, winning it if needs be (Satellites sometimes you don’t have to outright win) and maintaining a stack size
where you can navigate to a position you need to be in to succeed in the format you are playing.

Often sometimes you can sit there and find yourself thinking oh wow how have I gotten this short without playing many hands or on the flipside losing lots of small pots
playing too many hands and this is likely to partly be because you are not taking into account the speed of the tournament whether it being on the faster side and you playing too few hands
or whether it being on the slower side and you are getting involved too much!

Pay-out Structure

Secondly you should always be on the look out for the pay-out structure because in a tournament setting for example approaching the money with a small stack effectively your stack size
should be looked at in a value of a min cash and getting there is a huge success in its own right and also prevents going through longer periods of downswing. playing too many hands or
too many marginal hands approaching bubble scenarios with a short to medium stack can be detrimental to the bankroll sometimes people are not aware of how close they are to cashing and overplay some marginal hands in scenarios when they are not aware that they are very likely to min cash with little effort.

Amount of big blinds

This is an area which is somewhat relevant to the blind levels and if you are aware of the structure speed combined with how many big blinds you start with you can manage
how many big blinds you are going to have moving into future levels of the tournament and manage your stack size and ranges accordingly.
I think this area is often overlooked and people start at early levels thinking oh wow I have absolute chunks of chips here splash about a lot and see a lot of flops with marginal or 2nd Tier
hands and before they know it they are five or six levels in and thinking “hmmm my stack isn’t that great now and I am not in a very good position at all I wish I played tighter now!”

As you can see just by the basics here listed it is a very important subject to look at and I will be providing into more detail about every format in NL Holdem what to look out for and how to manage a stack size to the best of your ability in group sessions and one to one sessions which can be applied for under the services tab on the website or via our posts on the Facebook page!

Thanks for your time and I hope you enjoyed the read,


Jay Lee